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Help the poor, the handicapped, the lepers, the orphans and support the education of poor students in Kontum Diocese in Viet Nam.Thank you very much


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KMF 2017 Financial Report

KMF 2017 Financial Report:  Input & Output

This report is to tell you where your contributions go.

KMF 2017 Funding & Outlays

A - Funding 

1 – CAD (Canadian Dollars)

-        09/01/17 : Sent by RP* Paul Bui Dinh Than via Sr Huệ :  19,400 CAD

-        05/02/17: Sent by  RP Paul Bui Dinh Than :  76,000 CAD

-        01/04/17: Sent by RP Trần Mạnh Tiến via Sr Huệ : 10,000 CAD

-        01/04/17: Sent by RP Paul  Bui Dinh Thân via CVK Mr. Sỹ : 1,000 CAD

-        23/05/17: Sent by RP Nguyễn Thế Tuyển & his benefactors group: 1,700 CAD

-        30/07/17: Sent by RP Paul Bui Dinh Thân :15,000 CAD

Total CAD : 123,100 CAD

2 – AUD (Australian Dollars)

-        25/04/17: Sent by RP Hà Thanh Hải Via Mr. Tính : 7,400 AUD

-        15/05/17: Sent by RP Hà Thanh Hải Via Mr. Tính:  4,150 AUD

Total AUD: 11,550 AUD

3 – USD (US Dollars)

-        28/11/17: From Đức Đào via Vietcombank 

-    35,000 USD, after bank fees, 34,972 USD: 34,972 USD

-        07/12/17: From KMF France via Vietcombank 

-    3,500 EUR ~ 4,108 USD:  4,108 USD

                    Total USD :  39,080 USD

4 – VND (from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017)

-        List of the Mass Intentions from RP Tâm: 64,900,000 VND

-        List of the Mass Intentions from Benefactors in Việt Nam : 649,400,000 VN

TotalVND :  714,300,000 VND

5-  EURO

Received from Lipoid :

  1. EURO 21,380 for Plei Rowak Student House Project
  2. EURO 14,302 lmprovement of sanitary conditions for the student houses projects :

a - at Kon Du Student House, Kon Du parish in the commune of Dak Poxi, Dak Ha district

b - at Plei Bong Student House in the commune of Ayun, Mang Yang district

c - at the Cathedral Parish for the apprentice dressmakers training center

                        TotalEURO :  EURO 35,682

Total Funding in 2017:

123,100 CAD + 11,550 AUD + 39,080 USD + 714,300,000 VND + EURO 35,682

= 216,994 USD

*RP: Reverend Père (Révérend Father)


The following are the 4 programs with the highest priorities for KMF funding:

  1. Healthcare Assistance Program
  2. Education Assistance Program
  3. Lepers Assistance Program
  4. Orphans and Handicapped Children Assistance Program

1 – Healthcare Assistance Program:

This item consists of two parts:

  • Cao Thượng Health Clinic
  • Medicine Cabinets Program for Remote Montagnard Villages

Itemized Costs: 

1.1)         Cao Thượng Health Clinic:  560,665,000 VND

1.2)         Medicine Cabinets for Remote Montagnard Villages :   247,700,000 VND

Total For Healthcare Assistance Program:  808,365,000 VND (35,600 USD) 

1.1   The Cao Thượng Health Clinic was founded in 2009 by KMF in Kon Jơdreh Village, situated 10 km from the City of Kontum, with the purpose of providing free of charge health check-ups and cares / cures for the poor, regardless of their religions, mostly for the montagnards belonging to the villages from Kon Rẫy County which is a poor county of Kontum Province.  

The Cao Thượng Health Clinic is opened daily, including on Saturdays and Sundays from 7.30 to 17.00.  Each day, the health clinic workers provide health check-ups and dole out medicines to approximately 60 poor and needy patients. On weekends, however, it normally is more crowded, in the range of 90 to 120 people.   In addition, the workers also go to villages to provide check-ups and medicines to the old and the handicapped who cannot come to the clinic.

Typically, the monthly costs of the healthcare workers and the upkeep of the clinic run about 20 million VND (~880 USD each month) with the additional cost of the medicines of about 30 million VND(~1,320 USD each month). The total month cost amounts to 2200 USD


Patients receiving treatment at the Cao Thuong Clinic

1.2     The Medicine Cabinets Program for Remote Montagnard Villages

The Medicine Cabinets Program for remote montagnard villages has been in action since 2012.  Up until now, twenty villages are recipients of this program.  Village recipients to this program are from various counties from Kontum and Pleiku Provinces, from Tumorong, Dak Glei, Ngọc Hồi, Dak To…to Sa Thầy, Dak Hà, Dak Đoa...

The Medicine Cabinets Program is locally administered by the village priest or the religious sisters, the Yă (the religious sisters from the montagnard villages) who have some knowledge in administering healthcare activities.  

Naturally, local people in the region rather come to their priests and religious sisters for their healthcare needs in lieu of the  health centers of their villages and counties because there is an understanding that they can be easily listened to and receive the medicine free of charge.  However, there is a limit to the available resources.  As a result, KMF had to stop the program for a few months while hunting for more funding to continue operation.

Each month, the cost of this program runs about 1,600 USD or 19,200 USD per year.  However, the lack of funding has obliged KMF to curtail this program in 2017.  As a result, in 2017, KMF can only fund 11,000 USD which only last 6 months of the year. 

The Medicine Cabinets Program of Plei Jodrop Village, Dak Năng County, Kontum Province

The Village Priest & and The Medicine Cabinets Program of Kon Bơ Băn Hamlet, Ngọc Réo Village, Dak Hà County

2 – The Education Assistance Program

The Montagnard children from remote villages, without financial assistance, would have problem continuing their education based on two reasons: being poor and the great distance to travel to school.   They cannot walk for 5 to 10 km on dirt roads while being hungry.  As a result, the highest priority of KMF is to work together with local priests, religious sisters and sisters Yă to maintain and expand the activities of the boarding houses built with the great efforts by local priests, religious sisters and sisters Yă within the confines of their church properties and organizations in spite of the many obstacles from the part of local government officials.

As of this moment, KMF is providing funding for a monthly food program to 600 students in such 18 boarding houses in various montagnard villages (Tea Roxa, Dak Mot, Ha Moong, Kon Horing, Kon Du, De Tul, Plei Bong, Plei Groi, Kon Jodreh, Mang La, Kon Xơmluh, Pleikan . . .).  Each student recipient receives 270,000 VND (~12 USD) of the funding monthly, an equivalent of 9,000 VND (0.40 USD) daily, 2/3 of which (6,000 VND ~ 0.35 USD) is reserved for the cost of rice.  Only 1/3 (3,000 VND ~ 0.25 USD) is left for the rest of the meal.  

Another way to put this is that each kid, each day, won’t go hungry but with only one egg (chicken or duck egg) or a dried piece of fish (besides boiled rice).  We wish that our benefactors would provide some additional funding so that the children not only can fill their stomach, but also have some minimum required proteins such as some meat, fish, and dairy products.

-         18 boarding houses in remote montagnard villages:    1,741,000,000 VND

In 2017, The Lipoid Company has also funded the construction of a student house in Plei Rowak at a cost of EURO 21,380  (VND 563,890,000) and the construction of sanitary facilities in three other student houses at Kon Du, Pleibong and the Cathedral at a cost of EURO 14,302. These facilties have helped dramatically improve the living and sanitary conditions at these student houses.

a) Plei Rowak Student House :

The New Plei Rowak student house is managed by the Sisters of  the Miraculous Medal and hosting some 30 students attending levels 1 and 2 education and coming mainly from villages of the district of Dak Nang located at 20 km from Kontum City.

(Donations Agreement 038-2017 : Plei Rowak Student House)

b) lmprovement of sanitary conditions for the student projects :

(Donations Agreement 042-2017 : Improvement of Sanitary Conditions)

Funding: 14,302 EUR or 362,736,000 VND


Total Education Assistance:                       2,740,295,000VND (120,125 USD)

The children at the NEW Plei Rowak Student house, financed by Lipoid

The new sanitary quarter at Kon Du Student House, Kon Du parish in the commune of Dak Poxi, Dak Ha district with Father Hoang

The new sanitary and kitchen quarter at Plei Bong Student House in the commune of Ayun, Mang Yang district, with Ya Savio 


The new sanitary quarter at the training house at the Cathedral Parish with Father Truyen 

Boarding House for girls in Kon Hơring Village, run by the Yă religious sisters

Lunch in a boarding house in Kon Du (= Ling La) diocese, run by the local priest 

3 – Lepers Assistance Program

KMF does not provide direct help to the lepers in Kontum Diocese because Caritas, the Leprosy Foundation, and Father Damien Foundation undertake this task.  However, KMF is providing help to the children of the lepers in Phong Dak Kia Village (in Kontum province, administered by the religious sisters of the Miraculous Medal Order) and in Phong Plei Phung Village (Chư Pưh County, Gia Lai, administered by the religious sisters of The Queen of Peace Order).  The help from KMF funding allows the children to attend school and to feel being part of the social life without feeling the burden of the social stigma and the lack of confidence. 

  • Phong Dak Kia Village (Kontum Province: 140,000,000 VND
  • Phong Plei Phung Village (Pleiku Province): 35,000,000 VND

Total Costs for the Lepers’ Assistance Program: 175,000,000 VND (7,700 USD)


The Children at the Student House at the Phong Dak Kia Village

The Children of Phong Plei Phung Village

4 – Orphans and Handicapped Children Assistance Program:

In Kontum, there are 6 orphanages run by the religious sisters of the Miraculous Medal Order.  They are all called the Vinh Sơn House (St Vincent), numbered from 1 through 6.  KMF is, in no possible way, able to fund the 6 houses.  It reserves its funding priority only for Vinh Sơn House No. 5 and Vinh Sơn House No. 6.  

The latter two are located remotely away from the main thoroughfare, rarely visited, and face many more difficulties than the others.  KMF funding prevents the children from going hungry and to help them having some physical strength to get to school.  In addition, KMF also lends a hand to a group of volunteers in Pleiku Province in helping the handicapped in Chư Sê & Chư Pưh Counties with the same opportunity to attend school as with other children in the same villages.

-        The Vinh Sơn Orphan House No. 5 (80 Children, Kontum Province):     220,000,000 VND

-        The Vinh Sơn Orphan House No. 6 (90 Children, Kontum Province):     248,000,000 VND

-        The Orphans of Chư Sê County (120 Children, Pleiku Province) :     360,000,000 VND

Total Costs to the Orphans and Handicapped Children Assistance Program:  828,000,000 VND (36,500 USD)

A lunch at Vinh Sơn Orphan House No. 5

A lunch at Vinh Sơn Orphan House No. 6

Orphan & Handicapped House at La Hru Village, Chư Sê County

Total Ledger of the 4 Programs Funded by KMF in 2017:

1} Health Care : 808,365,000 VND                         (17.75%)

2} Education : 2,740,295,000 VND                         (60.20%)

3) Lepers : 175,000,000 VND                                   (0.38%)

4) Orphans & Handicapped : 828,000,000 VND   (18.20%)

TOTAL : 4,551,660,000 VND (200,314 USD).

C - Balance: 

-        Total Funding:   123,100 CAD + 11,550 AUD + 39,080 USD + 714,300,000 VND + 35,680 EURO

     = 216,994 USD

-        Total Outlay:  4,551,660,000 VND (200,314 USD)

-        Balance:        16,680 USD (for outlays of January & February 2018)


Saigon 12/02/2017

Nguyen Anh Vo, KMF Representative in Viet Nam


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